Goat Milk Cream

Goat Milk Cream ()

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Benefit from the tried and true calming, soothing ways of Goat Milk. Bathe your skin in this delectably silky, nourishing cream for all-day softness and hydration. Leaves a beautiful sheen with no oily residue. Grapeseed & Avocado Oils provide...
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Just as soon as the box arrived I dug in and grabbed the rosemary mint cream and WOAH!!!! The fragrance is to die for!! The cream is like whipped cream but slide in like silk!!!!!! I will be buying MANY more bottle of this amazing cream!! The lavender mint is spectacular as well but that rosemary mint will be my go to as long as they make it!!!!????????

Even after just One time putting this cream in my arms I can see such a nourishing hydrated difference!!! Thank you for making this product!!!!

Reviews 1-1 of 1